When a group of Asian American women decided to fill the gap in the advocacy ecosystem, and is building capacity to host a suite of programming to empower communities throughout the state.

The Team

Aditi Baghci, DDS
I am passionate about giving AAPI women and families a voice because what we have to contribute is important and so often our stories are silenced.
Vice President
Laura Misumi, Esq.
Laura is a fourth-generation Japanese American who believes strongly in building the capacity for people to come together to exercise their collective power, grounded in their history and identity. She seeks to apply her skills as a lawyer and interest in food and storytelling to move the projects of RVAAF forward.
Fiana (Syeda) Arbab
As a Bangladeshi-Muslim-American woman, I sit at the intersection of several complex identities. Rising Voices allows me to engage in authentic conversation with people who are most directly affected by identity politics and systemic oppression, with goals to uplift our communities and eradicate the root causes of marginalization.
Board Member
Sheela Lal, MBA
There are few things in life more rewarding than watching folks realize their own power. Sheela loves creating the resources - political research templates, holistic bootcamps, audio based interviews - for these opportunities to flourish.
Board Memeber
Sen. Stephanie Chang
I am a daughter of Taiwanese American immigrant parents and believe that lifting up the voices of Asian American women and families in Michigan is critical so that our rising numbers translate into thriving futures for all of us; our organizing and activism will help make the difference.
Board Member
Aamina Ahmed
Board Member
Fatema Haque
Fatema loves sharing knowledge and facilitating learning. A lifelong learner and long-time educator, she seeks to cultivate educational experiences that encourage reflection, healing, and empowerment.
Board Member
Fathematuz Chamak
Board Member
Kristin Dayag
Board Member
Mehruba Akhtar
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Mailing Address:

440 Burroughs St.

Suite 643,

Detroit, MI 48202