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We believe in organizing from the ground up and seek to embolden Michigan Asian American communities to organize locally. Our intention is to make connections within and between communities; offer opportunities for education and skills development; and demonstrate paths to organizing and civic engagement that are easily replicable and accessible to people at all levels. To that end, we offer a series of community building and civic engagement programs.

COVID-19 Response

Rising Voices is committed to the well-being of our community. We are doing wellness calls, checking in how Asian Americans in Michigan are faring, if they have what they need, and how we can help. We have also joined a coalition of organizations throughout the state of Michigan fighting for a just COVID-19 response for everyone. Together, we are reorienting our collective resources for the care and survival of our most vulnerable residents, seniors, and working people and families. Learn more about the coalition and resources available to you by going to micovidcommunity.com


Listening Sessions

No two Asian-American communities are the same. Listening sessions provide an opportunity to understand each unique Asian American community through dialogue. These sessions provide an opportunity for community members to build connections and community in organic ways. They also help us shape and adjust our strategic plan and identify issues to mobilize around. To date, we have hosted listening sessions in Hamtramck, Warren, and Troy, with more planned for 2020. Interested in hosting a listening session in your community? Contact us and we will help organize and facilitate!


Community Building Programs


Community Potlucks

We believe that gathering around food can be an act of resistance, as well as a source of healing, nourishment, and connection. Our community potlucks are hosted by community members just like you! We provide guidance on how to invite your friends and neighbors, a small stipend for hosting expenses, and an easy-to-use discussion guide. Rising Voices team members attend the event with you and help facilitate. In 2020, we’ve organized potlucks in Detroit, Warren, Dearborn, and Ferndale, with plans for more virtual gatherings in light of COVID-19. Contact us if you are interested in hosting one specifically for your group of friends!


Education Justice

There is a gap in knowledge about electoral and public policy processes. We are filling this gap through: issue forums on topics such as voter registration, expanded election reform, immigration, gender violence, mental health, state legislation and lobbying, and the Census. In 2020, we intend to offer workshops on storytelling, grassroots organizing, and more!


Unerased Book Club

Each month, we are reading Asian (American) literature and building community. Join us for gripping narratives, nuanced discussions, and a celebration of all things Asian (American). This is a national activity, open to Asian (Americans) located anywhere in the US (or abroad)!


Census 2020

Now more than ever, it is glaringly obvious how important it is for our communities to be visible and counted. The availability of culturally competent medical services and public health information and updates is informed by the data that the census aims to capture. Get counted today, for our communities’ fair share of funding, resources, and representations. Remind your family, friends, and loved ones to fill out their Census (online, by phone, or by mail) and for them to inform their networks! The Census is available in 13 different languages, and Census language guides are available in both video and print form in 59 non-English languages. Completed the Census already or plan to? Fill out the pledge card and encourage your friends and family to do the same!


Civic and Democratic Engagement


Get out The Vote

2020 was a huge election year, but we are committed to engaging Asian Americans in Michigan in the electoral process at the local, state and federal level in all election seasons. Join us in ensuring that as many Asian Americans who can vote, do vote, and have what they need to make informed decisions.