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We vote for our families. As Asian Americans, we deserve a future where our loved ones do not simply survive, but thrive with inclusive education, healthcare access, economic justice, reproductive rights, a clean environment and more. We need leaders who will represent the dignity and care of our communities, and voting enables us to determine the policies that will have a direct impact on our children, our elders, our partners, our families and friends. 

Asian Americans are a powerful force for change and advocacy in the state of Michigan. As the fastest growing electorate across the country, our votes are a margin of victory. We have the potential to shape our communities at the state and national levels.

We can vote for change. We can vote for officials who will lead and represent. But most of all, we can vote for the well being and care of our families and loved ones in November. 

What we do
We do out of love


Election Day is November 8th.


But don't wait
for Election Day.

You can vote NOW
with your absentee ballot.

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Why should Michigan Asian Americans vote?


Check out Rising Voices' civic education series

DIY POWER and see how voting and civic engagement are a vital way to provide love and care for our families and communities.


This voter guide was compiled by
Rising Voices Fund, a nonprofit organization that seeks to organize and develop the leadership of Asian American women (cis, trans, Gender Non-Conforming and femme-identifying) in the state of Michigan.

Rising Voices Fund is sponsored by the Center for Empowered Politics Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization. 

©2022 Rising Voices Fund

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