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Get involved to learn how to bring political engagement to your Asian Michigan community


 Asian American families in Michigan are often overlooked as communities that are politically engaged. Rising Voices came into being when a group of Asian American women decided to fill the gap in the advocacy ecosystem, and is building capacity to host a suite of programming to empower communities throughout the state.



Census 2020 Engagement

The 2020 Census will be here soon, and we are committed to working with Asian American communities and organizations throughout the state to ensure we are counted. This Census will decide how SNAP, Head Start, Pell Grants, Medicare are funded.

Listening Sessions

Rising Voices will be hosting community listening sessions around Michigan to understand what matters to you. Not all Asian Michiganders are the same, and we want our actions to reflect that.

(Maria Alejandra Cardona / Los Angeles Times

Lansing Updates

Rising Voices will provide weekly updates from Lansing on the website and through email. This will be non partisan and will provide a high level understanding of what the bill means and how you can get involved.

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