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About Us

Our issues include youth and women empowerment, increased language access, revenue generation and increased resources for our communities especially for culturally competent health care, education, immigrants, and low-wage workers, particularly through this current pandemic.

Our theory of change includes multiple strategies for power, developing leadership and organizing capacity within Asian American communities and targeting Asian American women and young people in particular around relational organizing and political education will move local state and federal progressive policy and help elect progressive candidates to champion those issues. We believe that an election is an opportunity to increase engagement and build organizing relationships with our constituency, and that positive electoral and policy wins are one tool for empowering our communities. Election cycles are opportunities for leadership development and candidate recruitment through the organizing process.

Rising Voices engages the Michigan Asian American community by organizing voters to participate in local, state and federal elections, fostering the development of Asian American candidates, relational organizing, political education and election protection. 

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Rising Voices works to advocate for community welfare resources as well as provide healing and listening sessions that give Asian American community members the opportunity to dialogue, build community and heal together in a safe and welcoming space.

Our Work

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To promote candidates reflective of or responsive to the Michigan Asian American community Rising Voices endorsed six candidates for statewide offices who were successfully elected in 2021. View our endorsements here.


In response to increased rates of AAPI hate crimes and the March 2021 shootings of Asian American women in Atlanta Rising Voices held a series of healing sessions to promote self-care practices to decrease anxiety, provide community connection and collective rest in collaboration with Taproot Sanctuary in Detroit.

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Rising Voices Amplify uplifts the work of Asian American artists who celebrate our communities and provide crucial representation of the Asian American experience while presenting visionary perspectives of a better world and brighter future we hope to build.

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In 2021 Rising Voices collaborated with acclaimed photographer Jarod Lew to document the Michigan Asian American community. The photographs captured Asian American leaders from various communities including South Asian, Hmong, Chinese, Filipino and Burmese organizations. The photos were exhibited at DLECTRICITY, Detroit's Nighttime Festival of Art and Light in September, bringing Asian American representation to thousands of visitors over one weekend.


Rising Voices (then known as Michigan Asian American Progressives) and Detroit Action via the Michigan Action superpac commissioned a series of electoral PSAs to urge the Asian American community to vote in the 2020 primary and general elections. The PSAs were offered in a series of languages, including English, Mandarin, Bengali and more.